Website Technical Problems



I do recognize that I have some issues with the website which may not immediately function in combination with other people’s computers and software.  In this page I will try to offer suggestions or ways around those issues as best as I know how.  If you know of any incompatibilities please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail (my e-mail is in the tutoring and contact info page).


PROBLEM:  Some videos show up as a black box or distorted picture that will not play.

If you cannot play videos for any reason on the website then it is most likely because you are missing the FLASH PLAYER SOFTWARE.  To fix this issue go to the flash player website with this blue link , download the flash player software on your computer, and then install it.  Why do I use flash player and not MP4 videos?  Well, Flash player makes it more difficult for people to steal my work and replicate the website.