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Welcome to scientifictutor.org! A place to help clear up all your science learning frustrations.  If you like this website, then please donate to our patreon page or though our paypal donation center.  Please also share the page with friends who may need help in science.

This website is built to collect and create the greatest science education materials possible. Many science books or materials for learning are built from the perspective of the teacher or educator. This site is built solely from the perspective of the student. All materials here are 100% free and we only ask for donations to continue producing educational material for students and teachers alike.

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What makes my website and teaching different?


Teach you how to learn and what to learn.

Adapt what you need to learn to the way our brains naturally work.

Break large complex concepts and problems into small bits.

Relate the chemistry in class to the chemistry in your every day life. (WILL BE IMPROVED LATER)

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Physics Equations


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