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What is this website?

This website is built to create for you the greatest science education materials possible. Many science books or materials for learning are built from the perspective of the teacher or educator. This site is the first built solely from the perspective of the student. It is 100% free and only asks for donations to continue producing educational material for students and teachers alike.


How do you use the website?

This website it highly organized in many different ways. First, the website is organized by subject. You can see the subjects on the left side column. For the moment, chemistry is the only subject that is on this website. Under the chemistry subject are all the different chemistry lessons (like the different chapters in a chemistry book). You can see the chemistry chapter starts with Math Review as its first lesson. Once you click on the lesson link in blue on the left column then it will take you to the new learning sections within that lesson. Each section will be one small bit of chemistry you can learn and practice. The sections will be generally organized into explanation, then examples, and then practice problems for you to try. All the lessons and sections are linear, meaning they come one after another and are put in the most logical order possible. I would highly recommend doing each lesson and section in the linear order I have arranged it because I have carefully constructed the order to help you learn best and fast. Many other sources I have seen tend to jumble the order in which students learn and therefore the students get confused.

If you do not want to use the website in the linear order it is organized, then no problem. The search function on the website works very well and is located in the column in the top right. Just use key words you have heard or read from class and the search function should give you the page you are looking for within the first few pages it shows you.

The website is also color coded. RED is for the most important text in each section. Many students do not get much out of reading science text so with that in mind the amount of reading to learn is kept to a minimum. If you read nothing else at least read the red text to help you learn. BLUE is for links to important information or videos. For example, if you want to see a periodic table you can use that link in blue. GREEN is for laying out the steps you should do as I do example problems.  Occasionally I will use some of the colors just listed for diagrams and helping to make text stand out outside of the context I have described.


What makes my website and teaching different?

First, I do not have long lectures about 10 different concepts or techniques and then ask you a few days later to remember them and apply them. I find teaching anyone anything means you only want to teach them one new concept or technique and have them apply it right away. This works far better especially in complicated subjects like science. So I have geared my website around that. I teach you one concept or technique in short videos of between 2 and 15 minutes and then have you practice that concept or technique right away with practice problems. In addition, students then have a review at the end of the lesson because repetition for long term memorizing and understanding is important.

Second, problem solving skills are severely lacking in many students currently in school simply because they have not been taught those skills properly. A lot of education systems focus on getting the answer right but if you do that you miss out on the bigger picture, how to break down the problem. As I have found with my students so far, problem solving is a common hurdle that most of them have not been taught to overcome.This is especially true with word problems.That is why I teach a certain way to approach very complex problems and break them down into small bits.

Third, I give the student the least amount of information possible to solve a problem. This seems counter intuitive, but it is actually critical. Most students I teach are either having way too much information thrown at them or they are simply working on many different things in their life at once (or both). This means that the information they receive needs to be streamlined to fit whatever they are focusing on right now. Much of the problem students have in a class like chemistry is just figuring out what they should learn. With this website I solve that problem by eliminating the extra information that could confuse them. This also helps them in the rest of their life by reducing the time they need to study in science so they can study more in other subjects. Students (kids) today are smarter than they ever have been, and it only seems to people that they are not doing as well because they have so much more material to learn than previous generations.

Fourth, the website is structured to learn science in a unique order that few other sources have. That is the material that has been thoroughly researched and practiced on students. The reason for this is so that the material they learn first versus last is in the most efficient order possible given the flow of a typical chemistry science class. In other words, what students learn in the first lesson or chapter will help them with lesson 2 or 3 or 4 and what they learn I the second lesson will help them with lesson 4 or 6. The point is science builds off previous concepts and techniques and the website has been arrange in such a way that the later lessons use concepts and techniques from previous lessons. Many times different science sources try to teach you a lesson where information about foundation concepts and techniques are severely lacking.


Want to help this website?

There are two major ways you can help with this website. If you have money available, then donate it to the website creator. If you do not have money available, share the website with others. The website creator values all ways in which you can help and recognizes that not all can help in the same way. If you would like more specifics on helping, then see the list below:

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