Chem – LESSON 5: Electron Orbitals and Light

What is this lesson about?

This lesson is mostly about how to visualize the specific paths or orbitals that electrons take around the atom and how some of those paths are more stable or less stable. It will also teach you how electrons can move in 3 dimensions instead of the 2 dimensions we have modeled in the previous section. How light and electrons interact is the last fascinating part of this lesson.


Why is it critical to understand?

A lot of the discoveries in this field were the foundations for particle physics. This information was used to help calculate things like the speed and mass of an electron. The visualization of electrons traveling in 3 dimensions also helps you explore more advanced concepts in lessons like Valence Electron Dot Structures (Lewis structures), coordinate covalent compounds and special interactions with transition metals.


What you should know before attempting this lesson?

If you have trouble in this lesson go back to sections on Protons and Electrons, Ions, Equations, and Solving for an Unknown.


New Learning Sections:

—> Orbitals Part 1

—> Energy Level Part 2

—> Complete Electron Configuration Part 3

—> Abbreviated Electron Configuration Part 4A

—> College: Exceptions to the Electron Configuration Part 4B

—> Electron Configuration Diagram Part 5

—> Quantum Numbers Part 1 (n)

—> Quantum Numbers Part 2 (L)

—> Quantum Numbers Part 3 (m)

—> Quantum Numbers Part 4 (ms ) 

—> Quantum Numbers Part 5 (All Together)

—> College:  Quantum Numbers Part 6 (possible numbers)

—> Electrons Moving Between Shells

—> College: Rydberg Equation

—> Light

—> Light and Electron Interactions

—> Calculating the Wavelength and Frequency of Light

—> Calculating the Energy of Light


Reference Pages:

—> Orbitals on the Periodic Table

—> Energy Level Diagram

—> Energy Levels on the Periodic Table

—> Template of Electron Configuration Diagram

—> Quantum Periodic Table

—> Electromagnetic Spectrum

—> Equations Involving Orbitals and Light



—> Electron Orbitals Worksheet 1

—> Electron Orbitals Worksheet 1 WITH ANSWERS



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