Chem – LESSON 10: Chemical Equations

What is the lesson about?

This lesson is about how different substances can interact to form new ones. How you turn the gasoline in your car into carbon dioxide. How plants turn soil particles and sunlight into new leaves. The ingredients needed to make kitchen or farming tools. All things that people make at some point go through a chemical reaction to acquire the properties that we want them to have.


Why is it critical to understand?

In terms of learning chemistry, this starts to weave together many of the separate branches you have been learning.  All learning before and all learning after, this is really just built for the understanding of chemical equations. You could say that the entire reason chemistry was made into a science was because of the foundations of this chapter. How we make new products has always been important to humans and the chemical reactions are the heart of that. This is why you are supposed to follow a cooking recipe as it appears. A recipe is nothing more than a chemical equation and if you do not follow it you will get dish that usually will not taste quite right.


What you should know before attempting this lesson?

If you have trouble in this lesson go back to sections on Ions, Covalent Ionic and Metallic Bonds, Introduction to Polyatomic Ions, Identifying Polyatomic Ions in Compounds, Forming Ionic Compounds, and Breaking Apart Ionic Compounds.


New Learning Sections:

—> Definition and Layout of a Chemical Equation

—> States of Matter in a Chemical Equation

—> Coefficients

—> Balancing Chemical Equations Part 1

—> Tips and Tricks for Balancing Equations Part 2

—> Types of Chemical Equations

—> Diatomic Molecules in Chemical Equations

—> Prediction types of Chemical Equations Part 1

—> College:  Prediction types of Chemical Equations Part 2


Reference Pages:

—> Standard Periodic Table

—> Ion Periodic Table

—> Types of Chemical Equations Flow Chart

—> List of Diatomic Molecules



—> Chemical Equations Worksheet 1

—> Chemical Equations Worksheet 1 WITH ANSWERS



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