Chem – LESSON 1: Math Review


If your math is very strong you can skip this lesson.


I start off with the mathematical side of chemistry for a very specific reason. Many people struggle with this part, as I did when I first started. However, if you cannot get past this first lesson or first test without a B or A on the test you will most likely not be able to pass the second half of chemistry. For a college student (or AP student), it is critical to know early on if they are going to be able to handle a class or if they have the drop it in the first two weeks. I want to emphasize that any college (or AP) students who struggle with this MATH REVIEW LESSON should seriously think about dropping the class. After you have dropped the class, try learning the material you received in the first two weeks, or the material on my website, before thinking about starting the same chemistry class again. High school students would be wise to work hard on this chapter, but they do have far more time to review the material when it becomes critical later on.


It is sad to say that I myself learned more math in science than I ever did in math. Therefore, it is possible even if you are not the best at math, to learn all you need to know right now and throughout the chemistry class.  Below are the different sections of the math review lesson.


New Learning Sections:

—> Multiplication

—> Division

—> Multiplication and Division Together

—> Percentages

—> Proportions and Ratios

—> Exponents

—> Least Common Multiple

—> Greatest Common Divisor

—> Equations

—> Solving for an Unknown


Reference Pages:




—> Math Review Worksheet 1

—> Math Review Worksheet 1 WITH ANSWERS





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