Chem – LESSON 20: Nuclear Chemistry


NOTE: Many of the nuclear reactions in this lesson are made up. Some or all might not be realistic but they are all a true representation of how nuclear equations work.


This lesson is all about the nucleus of an atom and how the different elements came about. Until now we have assumed that you cannot create one element from another. In most laboratories and in every day use, assuming that we cannot create new elements is correct. However, under extreme conditions or circumstances, one element will transform into another. This lesson explains how that can be done and how chemistry teachers and books will display it.


What should you know before attempting this lesson?

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New Learning Sections:

—> How Do You Write Nuclear Equations?

—> Types of Nuclear Equations

—> Fusion Versus Fission

—> Nuclear Binding Energy

—> How does Radioactive Decay Work?

—> Calculating Radioactive Half-Life


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