Chem – LESSON 2: Significant Figures and Scientific Notation

What is the lesson about?

This lesson is about how the numbers of chemistry are read and written. The reason that they are different from other non-scientific or non-mathematical number is because many numbers in science are either very small or very large. They also help us to make quick estimations if needed.


Why is critical to understand?

From here on out many of the numbers in chemistry will be written in the format that you see in this lesson. If you are not able to learn that format, then you will not be able to understand possible numbers in other lessons. This lesson also makes it easier to compare very large and small numbers that can help you visualize concepts in your head.


New Learning Sections:

—> Introduction to Significant Figures¬†

—> Significant Figures Part 1 (Zeros to the Left)

—> Significant Figures Part 2 (Zeros Between)

—> Significant Figures Part 3 (Zeros to the Right)

—> Significant Figures Part 4 (All Zeros)

—> Adding and Subtracting Significant Figures

—> Multiplying and Dividing Significant Figures

—> Scientific Notation¬†Part 1

—> Scientific Notation Part 2

—> Multiplying and Dividing Scientific Notation


Reference Pages:




—> Significant Figures and Scientific Notation Worksheet 1

—> Significant Figures and Scientific Notation Worksheet 1 ¬†WITH ANSWERS





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