Chem – LESSON 7: Nomenclature

What is the lesson about?

Nomenclature means naming. So this lesson is all about naming different chemical compounds. There are different ways to name different combinations of elements so the rules can get confusing.


Why is it critical to understand?

That is because naming of compounds tends to be added to questions from other lessons. Nomenclature can also come in handy when we are buying food products or medicines. Most chemicals in food and drugs are labeled according to the nomenclature system here.


What you should know before attempting this lesson?

If you have trouble in this lesson go back to sections on Ions, Covalent Ionic and Metallic Bonds, Introduction to Polyatomic Ions, Identifying Polyatomic Ions in Compounds, Forming Ionic Compounds, and Breaking Apart Ionic Compounds.


New Learning Sections:

—> First Element in Chemical Name

—> Changing Ending of name to IDE

—> Naming Covalent Compounds Part 1

—> Naming Covalent Compounds Part 2

—> Naming Ionic Compounds Part 1

—> Naming Ionic Compounds Part 2

—> Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals Part 1

—> Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals Part 2

—> Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions Part 1

—> Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions Part 2


Other Nomenclature Areas:

I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT ALL TEACHERS SHOULD NOT REQUIRE THESE OTHER AREAS TO BE COVERED ALONG SIDE THE ABOVE SECTIONS. However, some teachers insist you to learn them early in chemistry so I put the links below in case you needed them all in one place.  They are integrated sections in other lessons on this website.


—> Naming Acids

—> Naming Organic Compounds


References Pages:

—> Standard Periodic Table

—> Metal / Non-Metal Periodic Table

—> Covalent Prefixes

—> Ion Periodic Table

—> Polyatomic Ions List



—> Nomenclature Worksheet 1

—> Nomenclature Worksheet 1 WITH ANSWERS



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