How to Study

General techniques for studying science:

—>  Don’t study when you are tired

—>  Study in one large block of time (at least 30 minutes)

—>  Get rid of distractions

—>  Find a place that is comfortable for you


How do you study for chemistry?

I have found that a critical moment comes to people who are studying a science like chemistry for the first time. Before this moment in their life, most of the studying they have done is just memorize and regurgitate. The MEMORIZE AND REGURGITATE TECHNIQUE DOES NOT WORK for a typical chemistry of physics class. Instead, think of the chemistry class as more of a sport that you want to get better at. If you were to read all the sports books on soccer and then walk up the coach of the best team in the world and tell them you know everything about soccer and you are the best player in the world because you read all the books what do you think they would say to you? Probably that they are not interested in hiring you. Treat studying for chemistry the same way. You can read and think all you want, but you have to practice problems to truly get better and know if you are learning.