Chem – Memorization of Polyatomic Ion Charges

How do you Better and More Quickly Memorize Polyatomic Ion Charges?

VIDEO Explanation of Tips to Memorize Polyatomic Ions

For many of the polyatomic ions on the list even though their names change like ATE, ITE, PER, HYPO, the charge of their ion does not change.



Sulfate SO42-
Sulfite SO32-
Nitrate NO31-
Nitrite NO21-


PRACTICE PROBLEMS: Without looking at the polyatomic ions list try to write in the missing charge. The first problem is done for you as an example.

Name Charge
Hypochlorite -1
Chlorate -1
Carbonate -2
Carbonite -2
Hypoiodite -1
Periodate -1
Phosphate -3
Phosphite -3




When you finish the lesson, try out the worksheet on polyatomic ions.

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