Chem – Polyatomic Ion Two Part Name

What is the Polyatomic Ion Two Part Naming System?

VIDEO Explanation of the Two Part Polyatomic Ion Naming System

First, open up the polyatomic ion list in this link and have it ready to look at as you are reading or viewing this section. This way you can look at the examples in the different groups as they are talked about. The first and most obvious thing I would like to point out is that, in most of the polyatomic ions, the first element in the polyatomic ion is what the name of the polyatomic ion starts with.



Carbonate (CO32-) has carbon as its first element.

Nitrite (NO21-) has nitrogen as its first element.


The name is also split into two parts.



Part 1 Part 2
Carbon ate
Nitr ite


PRACTICE PROBLEMS: Without looking at the polyatomic ions list try to fill in the first half of the name of the ions below. The first problem is done for you as an example.


First Half of Name








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