Chem – First Element in Chemical Name

Which element comes first in the compound or name?

Naming a chemical compound involves first identifying it as either a covalent or ionic compound. However, both covalent and ionic chemicals have a couple rules in common.

ONE is that both the chemical formulas and the chemical names (nomenclature) tend to start with the element furthest to the left on the periodic table.

TWO is that both can end their names with IDE. The IDE endings will be discussed and demonstrated in the next section changing ending of name to IDE.

Here we will show you how to predict the first element in any compound. For example, CsF is Cesium Fluoride. Another example is SiO2 which is Silicon Dioxide. That means if we pick out two random elements and put them together we want them to be in the correct order.


Examples: Give the element name that would appear first when you go to name the compound regular periodic table.  VIDEO First Element in a Chemical Name Examples 1.

C and O Carbon
Na and P Sodium
Se and Ca Calcium
F and Sn Tin
Fe and I Iron
As and V Vanadium


PRACTICE PROBLEMS: Give the elemental name that would appear first when you go to name the compound using the regular periodic table.

Mg and Br Magnesium
Si and Ni Nickle
Li and Br Lithium
Te and Au Gold
F and Sr Strontium

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