Chem – Least Common Multiple



The least common multiple is something you will need to know for a couple of the coming lessons in the first half of chemistry. What is the least common multiple? Well if you take two or more numbers like 2 and 3 and try to find a new and higher number that is a common multiple to both of them that is your greatest common multiple. In this case the least common multiple for 2 and 3 would be 6. If you multiply 2 by 3 it = 6. If you multiply 3 by 2 it = 6. As you can see a quick way to find a common multiple is to multiply together the two numbers you are trying to deal with. This will always give you a common multiple. However, it will not always give you the LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE.


Examples: Give the least common multiple between these numbers. VIDEO demonstration of the least common multiple examples below.

4 and 5 20
8 and 7 56
4 and 2 4
6 and 12 12


PRACTICE PROBLEMS: Give the least common multiple between these numbers.

3 and 4 12
6 and 5 30
1 and 6 6
48 and 6 48


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