Chem – The Formation of Different States of Matter

How do different states of matter form? Why do different states of matter form?

VIDEO explanation of the formation of states of matter.

The different states of matter form because of the specific conditions of chemicals in that part of the universe. Where we most commonly interact with matter, our planet Earth, the different states form mainly because of the amount of gravity that the earth generates. This gravity is sorting the chemicals on our planet like the rock, ocean, and air by its density. The more dense a chemical is the closer to the center of our planet it will start to move. It is easy to see this sorting of density by standing at the shore of a lake or beach. This gives you a peak at the layering by density of the Earth. The air is the least dense material so it is on the top layer (above the water). The water is of middle density so it is between the air and the ground (ocean or lake bottom). The rock or sand is the most dense since it is below the water. On the surface of Earth we can make a pretty simple distinction between the different phases and how they correspond to different density sorting by gravity.

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