Chem Misc – Polyatomic Ions

Common Polyatomic Ions


Group 1


NH4+ Ammonium
NO3 Nitrate
NO2 Nitrite
CO32- Carbonate
CO22- Carbonite
SO42- Sulfate
SO32- Sulfite
PO43- Phosphate
PO33- Phosphite
OH Hydroxide
CN Cyanide
C2H3O2 Acetate



Group 2


H3O+ Hydronium
ClO4 Perchlorate
ClO3 Chlorate
ClO2 Chlorite
ClO Hypochlorite
BrO4 Perbromate
BrO3 Bromate
BrO2 Bromite
BrO Hypobromite
IO4 Periodate
IO3 Iodate
IO2 Iodite
IO Hypoiodite


Group 3


MnO4 Permanganate
CrO42- Chromate
Cr2O72- Perchromate
S2O32- Thiosulfate
O22- Peroxide


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